Cornerstone offers several professional environmental consulting services that aid clients in complying with the National Historic Preservation Act, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act, the Arizona State Historic Preservation Act, the Arizona Burial Law, the National Environmental Policy Act, the Clean Water Act, and other federal, state and local regulations.  We provide consultation assistance with regulatory agencies and Native American tribes, including ethnographic and ethnohistorical research, geomorphology, artifact analysis, and traditional cultural properties consultation.  In addition, our preconstruction planning services include due-diligence assessments and fatal-flaw analyses, and can help to ensure a successful project through evaluation of bids to perform environmental work.

  Cultural Resources
Historic Preservation, Survey Testing and Data Recovery, Tribal Consultation, Artifact Analysis, Artifact Photog-raphy, record and documentation photography for historic properties, large-format photography, HABS/HAER/HALS Evaluations, Architectural History Consultation.

Clean Water Act Compliance
Jurisdictional and Wetland Delineations, Mitigation Planning and Monitoring, Section 404/401 Permitting.
-Federal Agencies
-Renewable Energy Industry
-State & Local Government
-Native American Tribes
-Architectural & Engineering
-Transportation Departments
-Oil & Natural Gas Industry
-Utility Companies
-Mining & Quarrying   Industry
-Land Development 
Natural Resource Planning
General Biological and Habitat Surveys, Resource Mitigation Planning, Water Quality, Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Studies.
Prehistoric Agricultural Studies, Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction, Stratigraphic Interpretation, Pedogenic Description, Fluvial-Systems Studies, Arid-Lands Processes.
  Natural Resources
Endangered Species Act, Biological Evaluations & Assessments, Habitat Evaluations, Species Monitoring and Mitigation, Native Plant Inventories, Stumpage Counts.
  National Environmental Policy Act
Environmental Assessments, Categorical Exclusions, Effects Analysis and Mitigation.
Legal Expertise
Expert Witness Testimony, Data Collection and Analyses, Due Diligence.
  Geospatial Data Services
Analysis of GIS Data, Mapping and Report Graphics, Acquisition and Storage of Data, Integration of GIS Data Layers.
Preconstruction Planning
Environmental Jobsite Preparation, Site Assessment, Environmental Bid Analysis.


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